Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK
Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK

Remember Rana Plaza –
This time everything threatens to collapse

Fashion Revolution

Covid-19 in an already sick fashion system: How a shirt for Fashion Revolution Week fights against the symptom of inhumanity and ensures that textile workers are not the forgotten ones in the Corona crisis.

When machines stand still, people's livelihoods are threatened. To put it more drastically: What is happening in countries that live off the fashion industry is a humanitarian disaster. While we commemorate the tragic events in Bangladesh in 2013 during the Fashion Revolution Week - 1,138 people died and 2,500 others were injured in the collapse of the Rana Plaza building complex on 24 April 2013 - the next major disaster is taking place in South Asia.

Textile workers are faced with ruin.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many fast-fashion companies immediately stopped orders and stopped paying for productions already. A damage in the billions, but an immeasurable damage to human rights. And Bangladesh is hit particularly hard: How do you think people in a country that extracts 84 percent of its total exports from the clothing sector feel when machines stand still? People in a country where there are no social security provisions for the workers? People who, on average, provide for five more people from their wages in the textile factory? In short: Textile workers are faced with ruin.

Thank for your support!

To make sure that the textile workers are not the forgotten ones of the Corona crisis, we donate for the third time in a row all profits coming from our "It's on us to...” T-shirt to NGWF. Through the sale of the T-shirt, which was produced on demand, fair and sustainable, and a generous donation from friends of the brand, we were able to collect an impressive sum of almost 25,000 Euros in 2020. Thanks for your support! The amount donated last year could be therefore more than doubled.

What is the NGWF?

NGFW is an organisation that supports textile workers by taking legal action against bad pay and unjustified dismissals and actively works for more women's rights in Bangladesh.

What does the NGWF do in concrete terms?

The organisation supports the textile workers in taking legal action against poor pay and unjustified dismissals and actively works for more women's rights in Bangladesh. As part of Covid-19, the NGWF is working on support funds for the workers who have been deprived of their income. At the same time, the NGO demands that the government carry out free corona tests, free treatment and disinfection measures in the factories. In addition, the NGWF itself organises Corona education - and within its means food aid for suddenly dismissed workers.

For the past two years, "Remember" has enabled us to achieve incredible things with you.

We could already collect €14.841 for the NGWF. This resulted in € 180.000 compensation paid to the textile workers so far.

14.841 € (raised with your help)
180.000 € (total benefit)
Fashion Revolution
Thanks for your support!

  • - 100% of the profits - almost 25.000 € - went to NGWF in 2020
  • - We produced only what was actually ordered
  • - Naturally made from 100 % organic cotton


“As one of the greatest industrial disasters in history, the Rana Plaza collapse has caused a quake throughout the textile industry. Now the next disaster is coming. It's time to put an end to the fast fashion madness.”
CEO, Martin Höfeler
Fashion Revolution Our Fashion Revolution T-Shirt is made here, at a factory in Portugal owned by our partners Becri.