Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK
Protect each other with the 1 Million Euro MASK

Dyed by Nature – Our naturally dyed Capsule


Dyed by Nature - Gentle on you and our planet.

Conventional farming is dirty! All dyes and additives we use are ecologically optimized. With our Dyed by Nature line we want to go one step further. For this Capsule Collection we use the power of nature. The innovative, bio-synthetic dyes are based on vegetable and herbal waste. They are much safer for the environment: By using these dyes, less of the hazardous dyes are discharged into the waste water. The process requires much less energy and water compared to conventional methods. The dyes are also toxicologically safe and GOTS tested.


Why is the dyeing process with EarthColors? by Archroma more sustainable than conventional processes?

We only and exclusively use GOTS-tested chemical products and auxiliaries in all our finishing stages. The Global Organic Textile Standard prohibits the use of hazardous chemicals throughout the entire production chain and all of our chemical products are ecologically optimized. The main difference lies in the usage of plant- and herbal waste for our colorants, which means they are renewable and locally available. While conventional dyeing is conducted with petrochemical dyes, we can save petroleum. The dyeing process can be carried out with less water and also at lower temperatures, which also saves energy.

Why are plant-based dyes better for our planet?

The natural raw material that is used for the colors is upcycled waste from the agricultural and herbal industry, that would otherwise be disposed of in the landfills. We consider that no resources need to be wasted and that the edible parts of the raw material is still available for food consumption. Nothing at all has to be grown for these dyes and not a single square metre of land is made available for the cultivation of the raw material. Therefor, there is no competition for land and no need for irrigation, which also saves lots of energy and water. We only use sustainable, renewable raw materials, that are available globally in large numbers. Based on internal LCA comparative screening, the EarthColors? technology helps to reduce the negative impact on the water footprint, and preserve human wellness, natural resources and climate change compared to conventional synthetic dyes. The fact that waste is upcycled from other industries contributes to a circular economy.

What does the dyed by nature product consist of?

Each of our Dyed by Nature products are made of 100% organic cotton from certified organic cultivation. Our products are dyed with natural and GOTS approved colorants, that are based on plant- and herbal waste. The dyeing process requires much less energy and water.

Where is the dyed by nature product manufactured?

The capsule collection was manufactured together with our partners in Portugal and the dyeing process was executed with Earthcolors? by Archroma, which uses its dyes facility outside Barcelona with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment specially adapted to produce Archroma’s dyes using patented EarthColors? technology. The Raw material is mainly sourced within 500km from the production site.